What is IM Academy? What are the benefits and demilits?



due to the worldwide epidemic of the new coronavirus, more and more people are thinking about investing in FX and side

It is said that the world’s best business among its
IM Academy (I’m trout Terry Academy) has
started recruitment in Japan.

what is IM Academy this time ?
What are the benefits and demilits?
I would like to introduce about.

What is IM Academy?

Now, let me introduce you to
what IM Academy

IM Academy is an online school founded in the United States where you can learn how to invest

About 40 million people around the world are currently celebrating the seventh year from the founding of
the students are learning how to invest.

However, it has not yet penetrated in Japan and
there are few classes that support Japanese.

Therefore, as of March 2020, when I entered Japan,
there were only about 10 people.

Rumors spread from there, and the number has increased sharply to around 1,000 in September this month

Here to sharply increased to be an overwhelming experience
the raw investment method from professional investors in the world with
order to be able to learn, if tackled seriously,
is to wear the skills to continue earning a lifetime
because you can think I will.

It is thought that the reason why many people in Japan think that investment = gambling is because there is no
place to teach how to invest

What are the benefits and demilits?

Personally, I was interested in IM Academy, so I
actually registered and tried it.

Then, I would like to
introduce each of the merits and demilits .

I hope it will be helpful for those who are wondering whether to start IM Academy .



The biggest merit of IM Academy is that it has multiple mechanisms that
even beginners of trading can make a profit

Therefore, this time I will
introduce in detail the mechanism that even beginners can make a profit .

① Live distribution by active professional traders

At IM Academy,
you can watch live streaming by active professional traders .

Since the teachers are
delivering binary options and FX live in real time, you can
enter at the same timing as the teacher while watching the delivery,
so even beginners can maintain a high winning percentage

average win rate for active professional traders is over 70% .

It can be
said that it is
true that the average win rate is 70% or more with binary options, which is said to be difficult even to get a win rate of 60% or more normally .

To be honest, I don’t think it will come to you even if you just say the numbers.

Can experience the raw delivery free of charge for such people
so we also experience meetings, the experience meeting
If you wish to “experience meeting hope” from the following LINE and
please contact us and described.

By the way, so far, there are
about 50 people participating in the experience session, and everyone is having fun

② Earn rewards through the referral system

IM Academy has a mechanism to receive referral fees
by introducing IM Academy to friends and acquaintances as well as trading

This is
introduced in detail on the following site, so please have a look if you are interested

Explains how to register and deposit at IM Academy with images! What is the referral system?
So this time, I will explain how to register and deposit at IM Academy with images! What is the referral system? I would like to introduce about.

These are the advantages of IM Academy.



So far,
I have explained the advantages of
IM Academy, but I think that the disadvantages of IM Academy are more important than the advantages .

, I would like to explain the disadvantages of IM Academy .

① Japanese is not supported

Since the base of IM Academy
is mainly in Europe and America in the United States, there are many lectures
such as “English”, “Spanish” and “French”,
but there are few Japanese lecturers and few
Japanese lectures.

However, as with me,
many Japanese people say that they can only speak Japanese, so I do n’t
think you need to worry about this.

The reason for this is that the Japanese team is better language is fluent
cage, in real-time lectures in English and Spanish
because is willing to ZOOM delivery.

In addition, the translated lectures are
uploaded to the members-only site in sequence, so you can study firmly even if you cannot watch them in real time .

Maybe you can study “English”, “Spanish” and “French”

② Admission fee and monthly fee will be charged

This is a matter of course, but some people
feel that it is a
disadvantage, so I will include it as a disadvantage.

The IM Academy is a paid online school
, which is obvious but expensive.

The entrance fee for the first month is $ 234.95 (about 26,000 yen) and
the monthly fee for the second and subsequent months is $ 174.95 (about 19,000 yen)
* Since the entrance fee includes a monthly fee in the first month,
you do not need to pay the monthly fee separately.

If you look at this cost, you may find it expensive, but if
you normally
register for an online school such as stocks or Forex, it will be more expensive.

Cheap even several hundreds of thousand, high’s and million yen or more to
does not have any small thing.

However, I think that IM Academy is extremely cheap considering that you can learn from active and proven teachers for only about 20,000 yen .

costs hundreds of thousands even when you normally enter a Japanese university, so it’s cheap even if you think of it as a school entrance fee.

if you trade using the live distribution and tools I introduced earlier, you can pay enough, and in
most cases you will probably still have profits even if you deduct it

The above are the disadvantages of IM Academy.

In this way, I have introduced
the advantages and demilits
of IM Academy, but how was

I started from a state where I didn’t understand anything, but I realize that
anyone can
earn money if they trade properly in a regular way .

If you are interested in this article and want to register, or if you
are a little worried
, please feel free to contact us on the LINE below.

If you don’t know how to register
, please refer to this site.

Explains how to register and deposit at IM Academy with images! What is the referral system?
So this time, I will explain how to register and deposit at IM Academy with images! What is the referral system? I would like to introduce about.

Let’s enjoy earning together.

Thank you very much.

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