I translated the IQ cent registration method into Japanese! Identity verification and deposit tricks and precautions



due to the worldwide epidemic of the new coronavirus, more and more people are thinking about investing in FX and side

It is said that the world’s best business among its
IM Academy (I’m trout Terry Academy) has
started recruitment in Japan.

The recommended exchange at such IM Academy recommends
IQ cent.

So this time
, I translated the IQ cent registration method into Japanese!
Identity verification and deposit tricks and precautions!
I would like to introduce about.

If the IM Academy before you read this article
If you have some people want to know For more information
please click here First.

What is IM Academy? What are the benefits and demilits?
So what is IM Academy this time ? What are the benefits and demilits? I would like to introduce about.

I translated the IQ cent registration method into Japanese!

Now, let me introduce
how to register IQ cents

There were many people who did not understand what was written because the
registration when using IQ Cent was only in English in the frequently asked questions,
this time I will introduce it while translating it into Japanese.

First of
all , please proceed to the IQ Cent site from here .

“IQcent” (IQcent)

When you open the site

It will be a page like this.

Press “Get Started Now” in
the middle of here to proceed to the registration screen.


The screen looks like this.

Enter the following contents here.

・ Name
, email address
, password
, currency used

When you have finished entering the information
, check the boxes below and click
“Next” to complete the registration.

However, you cannot make a deposit with this registration alone.

Identity verification is required to make deposits and withdrawals.

Identity verification and deposit tricks and precautions!

Next, I will introduce
the identity verification method and the tricks of depositing

First, identification is in order to make deposits and withdrawals
from the top right corner of the menu “Settings” (setting) a
please press.

You can use your passport ” or
My Number Card ” as your identity verification document .

Upload the image file of the document from
upload file above

After uploading the identity verification documents

Please sign from
Sign the contract” on the same page No. 2 like this .

Registration is complete when you sign here.

In the case of a smartphone, the procedure is easy because it is handwritten.
* The name sign must be written horizontally !

The above is the
flow from registration to being able to make a deposit .

If you are interested in the deposit method in more detail
, please click here.

I don't know how to deposit IQcent! What is a deposit bonus?
So this time I don't know how to deposit IQcent! What is a deposit bonus? I would like to introduce about.

By the way , it takes
about one week at the shortest to verify the identity , and it
takes about two weeks for a long person .

Therefore, we
recommend that those who are considering using it in the future open it immediately .

Ticks of deposit

IQ cent of the payment is lower only from the link of Symbol
will receive a deposit bonus.

250 $ → 20% BONUS
1000 $ → 50% BONUS
3000 $ → 100% BONUS

Since 3000 $ is about 300,000 yen, you can start
with about 600,000 yen worth of military funds by depositing 300,000 yen

Therefore, if you have funds , we recommend starting from 300,000 yen


IQ cents are not known in Japan yet,
so even if you look them up, they may not come out.

Therefore, I will post the link again, so please let me
this site when you introduce it to acquaintances and friends who are interested in it.

In addition, we will put a link to IQ Cent, so if
you would like to register, please proceed from here.

“IQcent” (IQcent)

Thank you very much.

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