What is the winning percentage and distribution frequency of IM Academy? What binary options do you use?



due to the worldwide epidemic of the new coronavirus, more and more people are thinking about investing in FX and side

It is said that the world’s best business among its
IM Academy (I’m trout Terry Academy) has
started recruitment in Japan.

So what is
the winning percentage and distribution frequency of IM Academy this time ?
What binary options do you use?
I would like to introduce about.

Q & A for beginners of IM Academy

It’s been
about a month since I registered with IM Academy, and I think there are many things that I can’t understand until I register, such as
Can I actually win?” And “How do you feel when delivering?”

In this study it may come questions or doubts
actually registered and verified by IM Academy
what it was felt to try one month
let me introduce.

Before that, if you are interested in IM Academy,
please click here.

What is IM Academy? What are the benefits and demilits?
So what is IM Academy this time ? What are the benefits and demilits? I would like to introduce about.

How much has the winning percentage increased?

First of all
, I think the most important thing for you is money .

However, due to the compliance of IM Academy, we cannot write
the specific amount of money and trade history such as “The amount of XX million yen has increased!”
, So
we will only publish the record of victory and defeat.

To be honest, the
winning percentage was so high that I was surprised .

Specifically, I Writing KOs own one month
Kachikoshi month in 53 races 42 wins and 11 losses is 31 times that
now form.

Therefore, the winning percentage is about 80% .

Since this is my battle record, of course
are days when I could not put it in the distribution and there are entry points I missed, so not all of them have this battle record, but since
the average of those around me is about 70%, most people can
win I think.

With this winning percentage, if you spend 10,000 yen on one bet,
you can get the salary of a salaryman

To be honest, I was
betting on the minimum amount of 1000 yen because I was worried whether it was really okay at the beginning, but
now I am betting on 1 bet for ○ 10,000 yen.

can’t write how much it has increased due to compliance issues, but please calculate and imagine it.

Why don’t you actually listen to the live stream?

There are individual differences in this, but to be
honest, you will get used to it after doing it several times.

The Japanese version has an interpreter who translates in real time,
if you are accustomed to trading binary options, you may find it difficult

To be honest, it was
difficult because I didn’t understand anything at first, but after listening to it every day for about a week, I
was able to properly follow the teacher’s trading instructions

I think it’s the same for any job or part-time job, but at
first you’ll learn the work little by little and get used to the new job while being taught by your seniors

Trading is no different from that feeling.

Free for those who want to see what kind of delivery or actually
so we also experience meeting can experience the raw delivery,
the experience meeting those who wish from the following LINE “experience meeting hope” and
to contact you described Please give me.

Some people earn initial costs at the experience session .

How often is it delivered?

How often do real-time trades be delivered?

Monday 2 times
Tuesday 5 times
Wednesday 5 times
Thursday 3 times
Friday 1 time

It has become a
(※ This number may change from week to week.)

Since the market price is rough on Monday and Friday,
it is set a little .

In addition to this, we also hold market study sessions , trading view
classes on how to use the chart app, and
mental training .

It may
be better than a real school .

Above all , I think that the
trade mental story that is talked about at the market study session is quite important, so
please take a look before trading.

It’s MLM, but do I have to introduce it?

Since this business is an MLM, it is often mistaken for a mouse lecture ,
but honestly
I think it is not necessary to introduce it .

IM Academy can perform “customer registration” and
“IBO (agency) registration”, but I think that customer registration is sufficient for
those who do not intend to introduce referrals .

In my group,
there are no quotas peculiar to MLM or pressure from the
upline, so if you are not good at MLM and
want to secretly receive binary distribution, please contact us from the following LINE.

In addition, there
is an article that describes the referral system in detail, so
please refer to that if you are interested .

Explains how to register and deposit at IM Academy with images! What is the referral system?
So this time, I will explain how to register and deposit at IM Academy with images! What is the referral system? I would like to introduce about.

What exchange do you use at IM Academy?

IM Academy binary distribution distributes many
currency pairs.

Frequently used in Japan Hi-Lo Australia
because there is also a currency pair that does not deal in
the IM Academy IQ St. (iqcent) in
recommends trade.

However, IQcent is all in English , so
it seems to be a high hurdle for beginners to trade.

Therefore, if you are new to trading , you should
practice in HiLo Australia
before moving to IQ Cent.

Please refer to the following site for IQ cent .

I don't know how to deposit IQcent! What is a deposit bonus?
So this time I don't know how to deposit IQcent! What is a deposit bonus? I would like to introduce about.
I don't know how to deposit IQcent! What is a deposit bonus?
So this time I don't know how to deposit IQcent! What is a deposit bonus? I would like to introduce about.


The above is the Q & A that beginners are interested in.


When I made a personal conclusion, IM Academy
tried to register and it was the correct answer.

However, since
it is my personal conclusion
, I recommend that you actually see and experience the trade before thinking about it.

If you are interested,
we also hold an experience session where you can experience live streaming for free, so please contact us by stating
“Experience meeting hope” on the LINE below

By the way, so far, there are
about 50 people participating in the experience session, and everyone is having fun

Among those who read this article, those who are
prejudiced against MLM and those who have talked about IM Academy but are
not very enthusiastic are quite wasteful, so
please try it once.

Let’s enjoy earning together.

Thank you very much.


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