Thorough investigation on how to register, deposit, withdraw, and play Minnie Casino!



Recently, online
casinos have been rumored on the Internet, but the
most popular of these online casinos
is “Minnie Casino “.

Therefore, this time we will introduce how to
, deposit
, withdraw,
and play Minnie Casino


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Now, let me introduce you
how to register, deposit, withdraw, and play Minnie Casino

First, an overview of Minnie Casino.

Registration bonus is ridiculous!
・ The number of games in the largest class in online casinos!
・ You can bet on eSports as well as bookmakers!
Amazing return rate with many winners!
・ Smooth deposit and withdrawal!
-Since it is a safe and secure license, there is no fraud unlike pachinko!

Here is a brief summary.

First of all, before I tell you how to register, I
will introduce how to play and the types of games .


How to play and types of games


Minnie Casino has
900 types of slots, which is the highest level in the industry , as well as baccarat roulette,
and has abundant JACK POT bonuses .

In addition to sports betting, eSports betting is also

In addition, you can play a large number of table games in real time, including the highly reliable “evolution gaming”
at live casinos .

There is also a first deposit bonus of up to $ 250 now .
Some games can be
played for free as long as you register, so
I think it’s okay to play the free games first and then play for a fee .


Benefits of Minnie Casino


Compared to other gambling, online casinos
have a high return rate and are easy to win .

Since the jurisdiction of Japanese pachislot is the National Police Agency,
those who think logically may have noticed that the return rate tends to be low because of the
donation .

On the other hand, online casinos are
seen by people all over the world and their licenses are managed, so you can
compete with pure luck .

For this reason, online casinos are
popular all over the world .

In Japan, many people go to pachinko parlors and many camble,
so I think Japanese people
should know about online casinos .


How to register

Well then, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.
I will introduce the registration method immediately.

First of all, please proceed to the Minnie Casino site from here.
《Minnie Casino》

After that, go to here from the upper right and enter the registration information.

Registration is complete when the confirmation of the email is completed after inputting.


Payment method

There are two main methods of depositing at Minnie Casino.

1. Bitcoin deposit

It is a familiar method of depositing with Bitcoin.
If you do not have the “coin check” and
“bit flyer” a bit coin in the
Let’s payment to purchase.

After purchasing
Bitcoin, send the Bitcoin to the address created by Minnie and you’re done.

2. Mastercard deposit

Depositing with Mastercard is the quickest.
If you don’t have a Mastercard, werecommend Miraino David from
SBI Sumishin Net Bank, which can be made immediatelyeven in black.


Minnie Casino can be deposited from $ 10/10 euros.

The current euro price is around 120 to 116 yen, so you can
start earning around 1200 yen .

Bitcoin is calculated at the dollar price at the time of remittance, so
it is different from the euro price, so
please check the chart there as well .


Withdrawal method

Withdrawal photo material | "Photo AC" free download OK for photo material

The withdrawal method is Bitcoin withdrawal.
flow is to send money to “Coincheck” or “BitFlyer” and cash it.
It will take about 2 to 3 days to deposit.

Even withdrawal of 1 BTC (about 1 million yen) arrived in 2 days.

That’s all about “Minnie Casino”.

those who like camble who are worried about their eyes when going out due to the influence of corona,
we recommend an online casino where you can relax at home.

Thank you very much.


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