What if I don’t have a credit card when registering for IM Academy? Is it possible to change the payee?



due to the worldwide epidemic of the new coronavirus, more and more people are thinking about investing in FX and side

It is said that the world’s best business among its
IM Academy (I’m trout Terry Academy) has
started recruitment in Japan.

So, this time,
I would like to introduce
various questions asked by the introducer after trying IM Academy for 2 months

What if I don’t have a credit card?

First of all, is the most frequently asked questions from the introducer
“How do I get when there is no credit card?”
Is the question.

I think that there are quite a few
people who want to actually register for an IM Academy experience session and say,
“I can’t register without a credit card

We would like to
introduce a card that can be used as a credit card for such people .

debit card


Unlike credit cards, debit cards are
prepaid, so there is
no screening when making a card, so it is easy to make.

I am actually registered with IM Academy with Rakuten Card debit

Banks that have cash cards other than Rakuten cards basically have debit cards, so
it is
recommended for those who are reluctant to use credit cards .

By the way, I chose the Rakuten debit card that I use
because it was easy to manage on my mobile phone.

If you’re wondering which
debit card to use, consider Rakuten’s debit card.

Bundle card

Next is the bundle card.

To be honest, I think there are many people who have never heard of it

I didn’t know until recently, but
I would like to
introduce it because it is a very good card .

What is a bundle card?

It is a Visa prepaid card
app that anyone can make .

Since it is used after charging the amount you want to use before payment,
there is no examination or
age limit, and anyone can make it.

The contents are like this.

Since it is not a credit card,
anyone can easily make it in 1 minute with the app without examination , so it is a perfect card for those who
want to register IM Academy
but do not have a credit card

You can usually register your card information in the online shop and shop by
credit card,
so if you are having trouble with the payment method,
please try it.

If you have any problems registering your payee
, please click here.

Explains how to register and deposit at IM Academy with images! What is the referral system?
So this time, I will explain how to register and deposit at IM Academy with images! What is the referral system? I would like to introduce about.

Is it possible to change the payment destination (credit card)?

The next question is
“Changing the payee (credit card) can be?”
Is the question.

This question is
often asked before registering for an introducer or IM Academy .

Certainly, some people
may be
worried about whether they can change the payment destination (credit card) after registering for IM Academy .

If you answer for such a person, it is possible
to change the payment destination (credit card) later

There is an item called
“User and Billing Information” on the home screen of IM Academy,
so if you
click on it,
you can switch to the payment destination change screen and change it, so please be assured if you are worried about
changing the payment destination (credit card)

Is the Martingale method valid for IM Academy?

The next question is
“Martingale method IM Academy is valid?”
Is the question.

In the first place, the martingale method is to double the stake
until you win in order to make the lost loss chara

IM Academy has a winning percentage of 70 to 80%, so
in terms of winning percentage, it would be
possible if you had a fund of 200,000 yen, but I do not recommend it because fund management is important

those who use the martingale method for IM Academy are at their own risk .


The above is
a summary of what I was asked and wondered by the introducer after spending two months at IM Academy .

IM Academy is an
internet business that has just started in Japan, so
I think many questions will continue to increase in the future .

Therefore, we will introduce them all together, so please feel free to contact the following LINE
if you want to try IM Academy or if you have any concerns after
reading the article

Let’s enjoy earning together.

Thank you very much.

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